I've been asked to re-UX (and also re-UI) the flow, just after the Onboarding process of new customers/users/accounts for a wineshop e-commerce. Basically I'm talking of 7 different possibility that can happen just after the Onboarding:

1. Registration confirmed
2. Registration confirmed - Email Verified
3. Registration confirmed - Email To verify
4. Registration confirmed - Account already verified
5. Registration unconfirmed - Wrong link
6. Registration unconfirmed - User doesn't exist
7. Facebook Registration - Account Created

Now my questions are, aside the actual number of possibilities:

Is there a number of valid pages that is preferable for security and management to keep or which not to keep when confirming an account after the Onboarding?

In these pages, what are the best practices for "do's & don'ts" in terms of UX?

They're just simple static pages mostly, but I believe they can host some key infos to start buying from an e-commerce.

Thank you all!

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