I am working on a feature for a screen which shows our clients a list of legal certificates they have ordered with us, but they are produced by external authorities. Our turnaround time is much faster than if the client ordered the documents directly from the authority.

This screen is used to eliminate the need for clients to call and 'chase' their certificates over the phone, and display the estimated time of delivery (ETD), and show how many times we have proactively 'chased' the document for them, and also indicate how many times the client has 'chased' their certificate.

Basically, I have been given the task to visualise how we have a much faster ETD than the authority's ETD, that at the same time indicates how many times the certificate has been chased, and how many days it has been since it was ordered and how many days until it is expected to be delivered.

Here's a draft of what I have so far:

draft concept

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