Non-collapsing: http://fiddle.jshell.net/whytheday/2Dj7Y/11/show/

Collapsing: http://fiddle.jshell.net/QLfMU/116/show/

The collapsing behavior saves the user a click or a scroll. It would prevent a user from comparing the information from two different rows. My opinion is that the collapsing behavior is annoying/intrusive.

Are there any other significant advantages/disadvantages to auto-collapsing?

  • where are you planning to use accordion style? Is it for tables or in general? – NB4 Jan 25 '17 at 5:09
  • 1
    Take look to this related question. – Alvaro Jan 25 '17 at 10:04



  • Cognitive load is reduced as hence increase efficiency of readability


  • Can't see data of others rows as it get collapsed automatically and hence users are forced to click each time to view data

When not to use auto-collapsing

In a situation where time in more important over data. To understand it better let's take a example from telecom industry.

Imagine a person sitting in support center, for him attending support call and at the same time operating user interface could be difficult.

Because this is limitation of humans that we can not focus two thing in same modality at same time, as simple as we can't read two newspaper in same time.

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