There's an app in which the users can see all the services scheduled for they which has the following architecture.

  • My services
    • Day of the week
      • Appointment
  • Messages
  • My profile

Right now, the app is designed with two nested tab bars to navigate through sections and (when you're in "My services") through days. But that just feel weird.

enter image description here

Also I know that it's not desirable to have various actions triggered by the same gesture (in this case the swipe), but I can find out another way to arrange the information.

FTR. In tests, users have been struggling with this, since they expect the normal through-tabs navigation and it usually just goes through days of the week.

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Take a look to Material design Tabs and Navigation. According to it Tabs should not be nested.

My suggestion is that you consider a different type of Navigation for your second tab level.


Tabs should not be nested.


Instead of "My Services" use "Appointments". Users will expect some sort of day-oriented interface.

So the navigation would be:

  • Appointments
  • Messages
  • Profile (Why "My"? Who else's profile would it be? By the same reasoning everything should have "My" in front of it.)

Then you could have days as a stacked list (Date, description) and tapping on a day expands to show details (or if there are only a few details just show them in the list).

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