I have a menu in which the user can slide between different items. Only one item is visible at a time (in green), and the user can slide left and right to display the next or previous item.

Sometimes, users don't find out that they can slide. How can I indicate that it's possible to slide to navigate between items?

enter image description here

It's for a tablet app, so I'm talking about touch inputs.


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Take a look at Material design - Gesture education:

Gesture education should happen as the user needs it. It doesn’t need to be condensed into a user’s first moments with an app. It’s smart and contextual, helping users interact with an element or surface in a way they have not done so previously.

Show gesture education only to users who have not performed the gesture.

The page has great information and recommendations. I would add that you let the user also tap the grey items to open them, so they don't miss the action.

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