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While displaying cookies information on website, have found some

  • a display on top of the page, with "close" icon or "OK" button
  • a display on the bottom as fixed layout having "Close" icon or "OK" button
  • a display with modal pop-up having short details with "Close" icon or "OK" button or "Close" text.

Do we really need usability focus on displaying the "Cookies Policy"?

What will be the best layout, if usability comes into a picture?

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  • @JonW before adding as a [Duplicate] questions, please go through the purpose of the questions. I have mentioned for the layout of the design. It is nothing to do with the contents which have to display. My questions is purely based on designs and usability; not in terms of content. – shantikumar Jan 12 '17 at 11:10
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