I have taken a look at my Analytics and some devices perform better than others.

I would like to check the rendering of webpages on certain mobile devices without actually having to go out and physically buy one of these phones to test.

For example I would like to test a webpage on the following devices:

  • Vodafone VF685 Smart Kicka
  • Samsung GT-S53000 Galaxy Pocket
  • Mobicel Retro

These are specific devices where the user engagement is poor compared to other devices and I would like to test if the webpage is being displayed/rendered properly.

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    It mainly really depends on what browser they are using. If its a built in one, then GL, as many prone manufacturers like to customize the WebViews, which leads to a lot of phones displaying certain page differently, supporting some things and not supporting other etc. Android default browsers are quite broken. – MiChAeLoKGB Jan 5 '17 at 14:36
  • @MiChAeLoKGB Thanks, good point. Totally did not think of this. – mat boy Jan 5 '17 at 14:45

Device Anywhere by Keynote has the most comprehensive list of mobile devices for testing.

enter image description here

However, the comment stating that you should check the issues with the particular user agent browser renderings is entirely right in your scenario, and for this purpose I strongly recommend BrowserStack

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