In a table, on a single cell, there are between 1-7 values, I am using a contextual menu above the table with a "copy rules" button and a "paste rules" button. when a cell is selected, the "copy rules" button is enabled, once the user click it and the then click another cell, the "paste rules" button is enabled, now the user can paste the values.enter image description here

  1. Is there a way to show the user what is inside the clipboard at any moment?
  2. Can you think of a better way to perform this copy & paste table cells values?

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In answer to (1), typically, you would show what's in the clipboard by creating a "marching-ants" border around the cells that were selected for the copy operation (as in Microsoft Excel).

For (2), the system in place is sufficient, but the user may also expect there to be facilities for a right-click copy/paste (in the context menu) and the ability to use the popular Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V hotkeys.


For me it looks like the details in the column "rules" can be assigned to two different topics:

  • user rights (e.g. "manage users")
  • the user role (e.g. "api user")

You could use a combobox to assign the user role. For the selection of user rights I would suggest using checkboxes. They are more comfortable to edit and the rights of the different persons can be easily compared.


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