I'm working on a project where user can edit records individually and in bulk. To make the flow easy and quick I've broken down the flow and using progressive discloser pattern.

Challenge : While editing the records, user wants to see previous and present data which is okay in individual edit mode. But in case of bulk editing is it required to show old data as well? Most of the sites who perform bulk editing doesn't show old data in bulk edit mode.

When a user select "change address enquiry", he can change contact name, billing contact name but cannot edit address. Addresses will be suggested by system attached with selected children. My concern is if user select 10+ records and perform the bulk/individual operation "select a address" will come in 2-3rd fold and the screen will be cramped.

Do you feel the current bulk editing screen is confusing or easy to understand.

Here is the flow:

Step 1: Select a parent records. Parent can have many children, user will select a single parent at a time

Step 2: Select children records, can select multiple records

Step 3: Select an action

Step 4: System will check the number of selected children

Step 5: If less than 2, show individual edit mode, else bulk edit mod

Prototype: https://mockingbot.in/app/7786d98ef206f2591f4c4ebd143851200228a69a

You can also navigate amoung pages after opening slider from right side.

Bulk edit: enter image description here

Individual edit: enter image description here

  • If you could include a screenshot of the individual edit mode, and the bulk with and without the past records it'd be easier to understand and see the benefits or disadvantages. – Alvaro Dec 19 '16 at 23:16
  • @Alvaro, there are screen for bulk and individual edit. Bulk edit mockingbot.in/app/… Individual edit : mockingbot.in/app/… – Hemchandra Dec 20 '16 at 4:37

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