Most of the examples I find are all web designated and I don't necessarily believe they apply to native iPhone development. Also, forgive my ignorance for such as I am quite green to native app development.

I am looking for a way to designate that pressing a button/view will open up a modal. I currently have something like such

enter image description here

which gives the look of a web dropdownlist which I don't necessarily agree with.

I thought about something like this with a button of "Change Roadway"

enter image description here

I've reviewed the iOS interface guidelines but I didn't find anything specific to how to designate an action opens a modal. What would be a better approach?

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In OSX (Windows too, I imagine) an ellipsis signifies that more info is needed to complete the command. This is often gathered in a modal. So something as simple as changing your button to "Change Roadway..." might help.

dropdown menu

Honestly, though, I think your solution is fine as-is.

  • Thanks. Appreciate the feedback. Didn't even think about the ellipsis. Commented Dec 12, 2016 at 17:50

Although modals are used on mobiles, they have more justification if presented as an overlay for short informative or confirmation messages.

There is quite a bit out there on cons of using all but minimalistic modals on mobiles (see this blog, or this one).

A more native UI, for the iPhone at least, will be a table view that slides in the record form to occupy the whole view. As in:

Screenshot of the setting app

  • Ah. This is excellent for my case since the number of items I am showing can be 10+ items. Commented Dec 14, 2016 at 14:47

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