We are building a CMS that controls data for 3 different portals. These 3 portals are not the same although connected to each other. Think of it like there's a portal for Renters, portal for Tenants, and portal for Agents (just an example). These 3 portals may have different contents but they all have users, data lists, settings, etc. and they are all editable via 1 CMS.

What is the best way to organize them in the CMS in such a way that it's easy for the Master Admin to navigate through?

Should I create the major division in the CMS...

By website / portal?

Website 1: Dashboard, Users, Data List, Analytics, etc.

Website 2: Dashboard, Users, Data List, Analytics, etc.

Website 3: Dashboard, Users, Data List, Analytics, etc.

Or by section name?

Dashboard: Website 1 Dashboard, Website 2 Dashboard, Website 3 Dashboard

Users: Website 1 Users, Website 2 Users, Website 3 Users

Data List: Website 1 Data List, Website 2 Data List, Website 3 Data List

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    What do you mean by “building a CMS”? Are you developing a competitor to Drupal, Sitecore, etc.? Building a solution that uses one of those tools? Building a custom CMS software just for managing these 3 portals?
    – Tim Grant
    Dec 3, 2016 at 21:59

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Why not both view?

I think that the view choice will be changed according to the goal of the super admin. You should focus on the goal , tasks of the administrator. Does admin searches based on the website or users? Why does admin need divided information? In order to complete xxxxx, which view makes more sense?

Try to make a list to show + and - of each clustering attempt.

From technical perspective, you can re-render the data without loading the page depending on your tech stack. There isn't a best view solution without having a bind to its content and context...


The best way to organized information will be "the way human eye human eye perceive information"

Human eye perceive information in hierarchically, so i would make more sense, to take all together a third approach apart form section name and portal.

My approach will be to organization information based on user groups, as display below.

enter image description here

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