I have a list of entities that are being displayed to a Admin user and the Admin can take a set of actions on any single entity. What is the best way to display those options?

For example, imagine there is a list of users and the Admin can take any of the following actions (a single user at a time):

  1. View/edit the user's role (reader, editor, or owner)
  2. View the user's profile
  3. Delete the user
  4. Send an email
  5. Generate reset password link

We currently have a table that displays the username in the first column and a link to each of the 5 actions in the next 5 columns, but as the table grows, this looks silly. It's a table of duplicated content where each row is nearly identical to all others. Is there a better way?

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You can display a simple menu that contains the different actions when the User element is clicked.

Taking the actions out of scope makes the Admin take an extra step but frees space in the page.

Either a menu or a second page. An example of a contextual menu:

enter image description here

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