I have 2 types of offers (promotions) applicable on my eCommerce website:

  • Item level offers (example: Item belongs to Brand XYZ. Buy any 2 items from brand XYZ to get 30% off)
  • Order level offers (example: $10 off on total purchase of $100 worth of items)

Journey of user will be: User will go to the Details page of an item, User will see all the item-level offers applicable to the item, user will add the item to the cart, user will come to the Cart page.

Assumption: The user has added 5-6 items in the Cart page, and each of these items has 2-3 item-level offers associated with it, and there are 2-3 order-level offers applicable too.

Question is:

  • Where should I list the item-level offers associated with the item?
  • Where should I list the order-level offers?

Possible options:

  • Showing item-level offers only on Details page
  • Showing item-level offers only on Cart page
  • Showing order-level offers only on Details page
  • Showing order-level offers only on Cart page
  • Showing item-level offers only on both Details page & Cart page
  • Showing order-level offers only on both Details page & Cart page
  • Try each one and see which performs best. Nov 28, 2016 at 18:27
  • I would probably avoid showing offers only on the details page... on some websites, if I was (re)ordering an item I'd bought before, I might not revisit the details page and might miss the offers.
    – TripeHound
    Nov 29, 2016 at 0:55

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you can give some add coupons options on product details page. So user can apply any coupon or offer for single product/products.

So next on cart also give a option to add coupons/check for offers.

This would be confusing for user . But try doing A/B testing , and check if it's helping.


Promotions should be shown anywhere were they are relevant. Homepage, product listing, product detail pages should all have mentions of relevant promotions to serve as a incentive for the user to add to cart.

Item Level Promotions

  • Featured in Homepage: You want users to see which item specials they can profit on today. Much like supermarket circulars or any ecommerce store. Consider listing out many of these in a grid to grab enough people's interests.

  • List in Product Listings: These promotions act like single products (or bundles). Product A = A$, Product A+B = AB$. So the user can see side by side, compare and discover visually. Your goal is to get them to think "I see, if I purchase these 2 together, I save this much"

  • List in Product Details: Below the product's information, you can start listing the bundles again for upsell. Amazon and Walmart do this. If you buy A+B = You pay $ and save $.

  • Cart: you can also show these in the cart, but to a lesser extent. Users coming into the cart already have their mind made-up and may want to see just a list of what they are buying. You may want to add a small mention of how much they could save and a link to see what they should buy to save that $. This may open the listing page with a special personalized savings filter applied.

Order Level Promotions

  • Show in homepage, just to make users aware of the concept as they are shopping for products.

  • Show in cart, let the user know how much they saved due to how much they bought and promotion applied.

Note These suggestions might contradict each other. I would encourage you to AB test each scenario and see how the user reacts to the promotions. You can do a quick prototype test in the office with unfamiliar people to the project if budget is short.


As mentioned above, promote your special offers broadly. Promote them on the homepage, on social media, on category pages and the PDPs.

The usual pattern seems to be promoting Item-Level Offers on the PDP, Product Detail Page and Order-Level Offers in the Cart.

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