Delete action is a pretty serious decision for a user, so the best practice is to show some kind of "Are you sure" flow.

But should I do in iOS when the first 'Delete' is in action sheet? Is it okay to show 'are you sure' + explanation in another action sheet?

What's the best practice here?

Any good examples?


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    "Are you sure"...or better yet, undelete. Nov 28, 2016 at 14:50

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Short: Yes, confirm the deletion, but don't use an Action Sheet as a confirmation dialog, you should use an Alert for that:

Alerts [...] should only be used in important situations like confirming purchases and destructive actions (such as deletions) [...]

In their HMI guidelines on modality Apple states to minimize modality, but use it for critical actions.

Another option is to replace confirmation with the ability to undo:
HMI guidelines
Deletion: Confirm or Undo? Which is the better option and why?

Might also be interesting for you, for Action Sheets they recommend:

Use red for buttons that perform destructive or dangerous actions, and display these buttons at the top of an action sheet.


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