I am currently designing a GUI that contains a FileSystem in form of a TreeView.

Everytime you rightclick a TreeItem you will get a menu that looks like this:

enter image description here

My Buttons are position like this atm: first Open, then New Directory, New File, Delete and last Upload.

I was wondering if there were any unwritten rules regarding button order, since this doesnt feel quiet right yet...


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In general, when designing menus, you should optimize for speed. A well-designed menu reduces the time a user needs to find a particular menu item. A couple of helpful strategies, in descending order of preference:

  1. Put frequently used options at the front. E.g., 'Open' in your case seems a logical option to put on top.
  2. Group related items. Both 'new' menu items could be visually separated from the other options, for example by using separator lines.
  3. Use natural order. If nothing else, you could use natural ordering (e.g., alphabetically). This allows users to quickly scan a list for the option they are looking for.

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