This icon is beautiful and would be useful to us, but I can't find it in their icon set.

It's referenced in two places in their documentation:

  1. https://material.google.com/style/icons.html#icons-product-icons (in "Gestures" section)
  2. https://material.google.com/style/icons.html#icons-system-icons (in "Human Icon Rules")

waving person

Does anybody know where I can find the vector for this, or has anyone happened to recreate it? :)

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My understanding is that those icons are only used for demonstration purposes, the current production icon set is here :

Material Icons

From their changelog on their github repo they seem to just have added more over time instead of replacing them.

But you could use that image as a blueprint to make a new one, or even submit it to the repo.

  • Sounds like the answer is as you say. Roger's link is a quality icon though. – SimplGy Nov 7 '16 at 3:21

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