What does the user expect to see when they upgrade a feature that they future dated? example: I purchased an add on to an app but set it to start 1 week for now, what should i expect when i look at the dashboard?

[feature I have] MANAGE short feature description

Do I display anything here or is the email sent when they upgraded enough? or would a note on top of the page be enough?

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    What type of application is it? Who are the users? How often do these addons get turned on? Oct 25, 2016 at 19:38

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Treat this as a Notification

  • Since Dashboard page real estate is very important, I'd suggest you use it as a Notification / Message.
  • Place an icon in the global navigation which represents the notification / alert.
  • Based on your requirements and if your app supports any other notifications, you can use Bell icon with the number (to show how many notifications are yet to read).
  • If your app doesn't have any other notifications, then you can use a plug-in icon to represent the add-ons related information.
  • On hover over or click, display the popup with information related to plug-in
  • For the purchase process, you may want to send an email. But, I do not recommend just sending an email to the user and not providing any information in the app.


I'm not sure about your requirements, maybe you can disregard some of the points which doesn't make any sense to you.

enter image description here


By doing something like this.

On the day this feature is available, also show a notification that "One of your widgets / features has been enabled, enjoy your improved experience."


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