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What is the proper usage of the term How to differentiate between "software" and "application" in the context of a company's products and services?

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What is the proper usage of the term "software" and "application"?

I am a bit confused about the way the terms software and application are being used these days. It seems that the additional context of web and mobile has added to the meaning when people use one term over another.

I see a few different context that I would like to see some clarification:

  • Products: Is software, application and software application the same thing?
  • Services: Is software seen as a service? Is application seen as a service?
  • Jobs/skills: Is a software developer the same as an application developer?

Lastly, is the usage different when it comes to web and mobile? A web application and a mobile App would appear to be different things, but shouldn't they both be considered software?