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Is it advisable to separate the landing page from the home page of a non profit organization?

I am helping out an organization on sparked which wants a landing page on which a video will be embedded along with some descriptive . However I am not sure if it is advisable to have a landing page for the organization with only the video and some text on it as the home page would convey everything (and they already have a very nice home page).

Based upon my understanding landing pages are usually built for products where the user lands on the product landing page and from there can navigate to the main company page if needed .

Hence landing pages seem to be call to action pages ,but for a non profit organization,wont it be advisable to have the video and other stuff right on the home page where they have all the information about them along with the donate button etc since the donate button is often the main call to action element and all other elements on that page must drive the focus towards the donate button