2012 Moderator Election

On Stack Exchange, we believe the core moderators should come from the community, and be elected by the community itself through popular vote. We hold regular elections to determine who these community moderators will be.

Community moderators are accorded the highest level of privilege on our community, and should themselves be exemplars of positive behavior and leaders within the community.

Our general criteria for moderators is as follows:

  • patient and fair
  • leads by example
  • shows respect for their fellow community members in their actions and words
  • open to some light but firm moderation to keep the community on track and resolve (hopefully) uncommon disputes and exceptions

Every election has three phases:

  1. Nomination
  2. Primary
  3. Election

Please participate in the moderator elections by voting, and perhaps even by nominating yourself to be a community moderator!

This election ended Feb 29 '12 at 20:00.

Anyone may download the election data. Voters have access to pre-built OpenSTV software to audit the results; all others may use this source distribution.

821 voters were eligible, 305 visited the site during the election, 124 visited the election page, and 83 voted

I'm the "youngest" member running (been here for just 2 months). Nonetheless, I love this community and I think it's the best gathering of the UX tribe on the Internet.

I strongly believe in the broken windows theory so I will remove any off-topic post upon seeing it. At the same time, I think that some general questions dealing with UX as a field should stay & become community wikis because they get asked again after some time (e.g. Stack Overflow's famous question on free programming books). Meanwhile, authors of low quality content will receive comments asking for clarifications because I don't edit for reasons other than fixing grammar or choice of words. And, in case there're any disputes, I have UX chat open in a perm tab.

My long-term goals as a moderator are clarifying the FAQ about what's considered off-topic and growing the user base (it makes me said that I have reached top 20 in under 2 months when there are nearly 10k users here).

So vote for me if you want a stronger community.

Right, I'll throw my hat into the ring for this one. It shouldn't just be a three horse race.

I'm one of the users who came over from UXExchange.com & was a regular contributor over there before the merge with UX.SE & I have been active here ever since. As for my personal history; I completed my Uni course about 10 years ago, specializing in H:CI & User-Centred Design & have worked in this field primarily since then.

My visions for the site would be to help expand the 'core' group of regular posters & to try to encourage new visitors to join & become active contributors. We can guide these new users into becoming valuable community members so that we will all benefit.

I think my approach to moderation overall would be quite laissez-faire; the community is already a good one & doesn't need a heavy-handed approach, just people to watch over it & ensure it doesn't descend into arguments & abuse - which could happen as UX is quite a subjective field where passionate people have strong opinions.

I’m an active member of UX.SE & would like the opportunity to put the time that I spend on this site to even better use to help the site grow & attract new & valued users.

  • +1 for experience with UXExchange, which had a very different type of question to UX.SE generally. Also, +1 for moderators who understand tea and crumpets – Rahul Feb 17 '12 at 20:27
  • 1
    You can't +2! HAX! If I am elected moderator, all Hax will be swiftly punished with Manhacks. – Ben Brocka Feb 18 '12 at 5:27
  • @BenBrocka uses too many references I don't understand :( – Roger Attrill Feb 18 '12 at 12:09
  • 3
    Our Benefactors would approve, @BenBrocka. – Erics Feb 18 '12 at 23:35

I've been a pro tem moderator since early 2011.

When we merged UI.stack with UXExchange we created a new site whose mission was still a little unclear. Do we include questions not about software? Do we allow opinion-based questions because a lot of UX design isn't about cold hard facts?

I think we've done a good job of guiding the site to represent a certain type of questions. But I also think we're a bit dry - we're missing what makes UX so much fun. Questions like the one about the 3d rotating cube are fantastic but only come along once in a blue moon.

I'd like to see us opening up to a better representation of what it is to be a UX designer instead of just dealing with the daily grind of "how do I fit too much data into this table" questions.

Having said that, we're running for moderator, not for president. My opinion on the future of the site doesn't really factor into my daily moderation duties and I know this because I've done it for 9 months. Your responsibilities in closing the right question shouldn't be related to your personal opinion - that's why we lay down rules in the FAQ. If you can't separate the two, then I'm not sure you'd make a good moderator.

  • 2
    -1 no info on why you would be a good moderator, or how you have been a good moderator, besides the fact that you were a moderator before? – user4662 Feb 15 '12 at 0:13
  • 2
    How has your vision for what this site can be been shaped durring the course of your involvement as a pro-tem moderator? What would you like to see happen with it in the future and how will your skills as a moderator factor into that? – Caleb Feb 15 '12 at 0:57
  • 5
  • 4
    Rahul does a great job. – Matt Rockwell Feb 15 '12 at 12:57
  • 1
    @Christofian I think it's poor form to just write a bunch of text about how great I am. You should know how great/terrible I am based on your usage of the site. – Rahul Feb 15 '12 at 13:04
  • @Caleb I updated the text to be a little more forthcoming, including the final paragraph which I think addresses your first point. – Rahul Feb 15 '12 at 13:04

I'm an HCI major (graduated) who found this site 6 months ago and loved it. Since then I've become one of the Most Active Users on the site, as you can see from My Profile. I also use Meta a lot, I even have a badge to prove it!

I try to improve posts before I vote to close them, but I hope to keep this site a high quality and professional resource and have helped close many ill-fitting questions. When a post is borderline or in need of help, I bring it to the attention of the chat room or Meta where a consensus can be made.

I edit, vote, comment, ask and answer on the site a lot and I enjoy making the site a better place for UXers. Did I mention I'm the only user with the Reviewer Badge? I have a lot of badges, but I'm not addicted. I can quit any time I want.

  • 5
    Your participation certainly speaks positivly, but tell us about what you think being a moderator is about and why you would make a good canidate for the role of moderator over and above just being an active participant. – Caleb Feb 15 '12 at 0:43
  • 3
    I vote for Ben. – Ravi Feb 15 '12 at 8:18
  • 3
    Ben would be a great moderator. He is very reasonable and active in the community here. – Matt Rockwell Feb 15 '12 at 12:57
  • 5
    I've seen a lot of activity from Ben on the site and he always seems to around keeping an eye on the quality of posts – Sheff Feb 15 '12 at 13:04
  • 3
    +1 for Ben ,He has always been pretty active on this site and has shown considerable maturity and capability which belies his age – Mervin Feb 17 '12 at 22:14

This election is complete.