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Top new questions this week:

Handling long 'important' alerts on mobile

We're challenged on how to handle multiple long alerts for mobile. In some instances they can be so long the rest of the actual content gets pushed down. the content of these alerts are related to ...

mobile notification alerts  
asked by Ameen Akbar 4 votes
answered by Danielillo 4 votes

a11y - Captioning for videos with accompanying text and no audio

We sell a widget. And we're building a webpage for the widget. We have a section on the webpage where we want to show a text description of a feature of that widget, and below the description, we show ...

website-design accessibility widget  
asked by Rahul Gupta 3 votes
answered by Graham Ritchie 2 votes

Nested list, need advice for contextual menu in parent and children

I am working on an app where I have to display a nested list of parent and child items. The principal target is mobile. Every parent element has a contextual menu and children. Now my design looks ...

lists contextual-menu  
asked by user2232395 3 votes
answered by dmiloch 1 vote

Evolution of authentication-based navigation

Consider the case where an unauthenticated user sees a main navigation with a few items: In the old days, someone with admin privileges might log in and simply see additional items exclusive to their ...

navigation information-architecture authentication roles  
asked by Izquierdo 3 votes
answered by Moksh 1 vote

Set an optional field to a fixed value

I've got a edit form in which the user can change a number of properties from an item. In certain conditions, there is an optional time field which the user can set. But it cannot be set to an actual ...

forms interaction-design input-fields  
asked by Stiggy 3 votes

How to best display read and read/write permissions in a table

Our app consists of different sections (here Section 1, Section 2 etc.) where the users can view and edit their data. The user can also choose to give read or read/write access for each of these ...

usability website-design tables  
asked by robertdev 3 votes
answered by jazZRo 2 votes

Should I verify a user's password before showing them that they are banned or just check the email?

If I ban a user from a website indefinitely (specific manual ban not automatic), and they'll never be able to appeal, should I verify the user's email and password, or show them that they're banned ...

login security privacy  
asked by yaharga 3 votes
answered by jazZRo 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Best UI for filtered search with many filtering options as opposed to single text field

What UI provides the best user experience when searching using many filters as opposed to a single text input. For example: I have 15 filters (all optional) that users can filter results by. The ...

gui-design search  
asked by Garen Checkley 49 votes

Why do modern keyboards have Scroll Lock?

The Scroll Lock key is useless in the modern day, and some higher-end keyboards don't even have it: Same can be said for the Pause and Break keys, but however it pauses the BIOS POST output on many ...

keyboard keyboard-layout  
asked by AStopher 78 votes
answered by msw 58 votes

Why do idle elevators close the doors?

If the elevator stops on a floor, opens the doors to let the passengers out, and hasn't received a command to go on another floor, why does it close its doors afterwards? If the elevator is not on my ...

physical efficiency  
asked by Mike Baxter 161 votes
answered by GWv 166 votes

Using "Sign in" vs using "Log in"

Is there any research in this area, it seems "Sign in" is more common and hence more recommended.

copywriting microcopy  
asked by corydoras 271 votes
answered by jensgram 232 votes

Up arrow for increase, Down arrow for decrease, what for no change?

We have a web application that lists prices of a stocks and we have a requirement to indicate a movement. When there's an increase in price we add an up arrow, where there's a decrease in price we add ...

asked by rlsaj 11 votes
answered by Andrew Leach 13 votes

Why doesn't the Android OS have a system wide "Forward" button?

I find it too easy to hit "Back" (in a browser kind of way) forgetting that there is no "Forward" to correct my mistake.

asked by PhillipW 11 votes
answered by Ammar 12 votes

What is the current pixel width standard for a website's content area?

I know that previously it was 960 pixels, but lately I have had clients wanting me to push the envelope further and prompted me to do some research on the matter.

website-design design  
asked by Sam Thomas 17 votes
answered by designerWhoCodes 14 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is filling the center-area of a GUI with several forms a good practice?

Center-area concept: For a desktop application, we commonly find a similar structure for the GUI: Top menu / Ribbon Dockables left and right to explore the content and show properties. Center-area ...

gui-design layout desktop-application  
asked by Adrian Maire 1 vote
answered by Michael Lai 0 votes

Idiom for global shortcuts on mobile devices

I have a mobile web app and there are two different modes for viewing content and the user may frequently toggle between them. I'd like to provide a very convenient way for the user to request this ...

mobile mobile-application keyboard-shortcuts  
asked by Joshua Frank 1 vote
answered by Michael Lai 0 votes

Step shaped visual layout of cascading filters

I find this layout of cascading filters: much more intuitive and much more "welcoming" to use, over the traditional, horizontal axis layout: I am trying to explain to myself why this is so....

usability navigation layout menu filter  
asked by drabsv 1 vote
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