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Top new questions this week:

Where and how to add an export button in an area with many buttons and fields

I have the following area on a website for displaying products in a CRM, and need to add a button that will export them to a CSV, however I am having trouble making it look good as there are already ...

user avatar asked by Murphstar Score of 1
user avatar answered by Sandun Ramasinghe Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to best communicate color names to users more clearly

Many times in using general color names in communication, i.e. Red and Green, users are confused when the color is a non-pure form of the color. For Example, in referring to the Red-ish color of the ...

color color-perception user-communication  
user avatar asked by Mateo Score of 14
user avatar answered by user1757436 Score of 15

How to find a color scheme that's also useful when printed in black and white?

I'm looking for a 5 color color-scheme that also useful when printed in black and white, respectively gray scale. The colors should be easily distinguishable from each other. How can i do that?

user avatar asked by RoflcoptrException Score of 35
user avatar answered by Karl Ove Hufthammer Score of 14

Why does the Xbox controller have non-symmetrical analog sticks?

The image below shows the controllers of the three eighth-generation consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U). As you can see, both the PS4 and Wii U controllers have symmetrical analog sticks, which seems ...

usability layout controls design  
user avatar asked by FThompson Score of 20
user avatar answered by JohnGB Score of 20

Why is backslash called BACK slash when arguably it points forward?

This is a backslash \. If you read the slash from left to right it starts at the top and goes down - hence it is a downslash. If you read the slash from top to bottom it starts on the left - which ...

user avatar asked by daniel.sedlacek Score of 109
user avatar answered by RedGrittyBrick Score of 26

How To Display Too Much Data

We're building a web-based platform where the main dashboard shows a table of data for users to view and analyze. As we're growing this tool, we seem to be adding more and more columns and are running ...

layout data data-tables screen-resolution overflow  
user avatar asked by Jason Score of 231
user avatar answered by Patrick McElhaney Score of 144

Why does Google still use paging instead of progressive loading?

As a designer I believe "Page system" is less efficient than progressive loading inside a single page. However it is still widely used on many websites including Google’s search results. Maybe there ...

pagination infinite-scroll  
user avatar asked by Renaud Score of 210
user avatar answered by Wendy Wojenka Score of 339

Should a toggle button show its current state or the state to which it will change?

I have a quick question about buttons that toggle between two states. (Think Play/Pause, or Shuffle/Regular Play.) As the title says, should the toggle show it's current state or the state to which it ...

gui-design buttons toggle conventions  
user avatar asked by Michael Brown Score of 565
user avatar answered by jensgram Score of 312
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