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Top new questions this week:

Display hierarchical dataset in a digestible format

I have a dataset that uses has the hierarchy and breakdown of categories, sub-categories, and labels that each have a value: Category 1: Sub-Category 1: Label 1: 4 Label 2: 3 ...

gui-design interface info-visualisation  
asked by GammaGames 2 votes
answered by GammaGames 1 vote

Is the command palette a UX tool only for power users? Or can they be used effectively by non-technical users?

Command Palette VS Code is equally accessible from the keyboard. The most important key combination to know is Ctrl+Shift+P, which brings up the Command Palette . From here, you have access to ...

command-line novice-users widget expert-interface  
asked by Vijay 2 votes

Is there any research about input mask corrections?

I've found some researches about input masks in general but they all say just how to let user type text correctly. But I find it very frustrating when I need to correct an input (press backspace) and ...

user-research input formatting  
asked by Nataly 2 votes
answered by Oluwatobi Mayowa 0 votes

Etsy inspired login/register form that ask only mail address in first step

i'm a UI designer, i study to improve my UX knoweledge and i have a doubt about a project. I have a login/register modal window that works like the Etsy login/register modal at checkout process. In ...

login registration  
asked by Sara 1 vote
answered by Bohdan Karplyak 0 votes

Using multi-level numbering in a form

I have a long form that I am designing with approximately 30 fields. The form is divided into 3 expand/collapsible sections. I would like to know what the community here thinks about using multi-level ...

forms information-architecture  
asked by wardaddycollier 1 vote

Search button or input field for search in top navbar of website?

i just curious about difference in effectiveness between search button and input field for search in top navbar. Is it better search button or the input field? If you have to choose one of them, ...

user-behavior user-expectation design  
asked by Nanda Febrian A 1 vote
answered by Aline 1 vote

Alternatives to nested dropdowns?

When a user uploads a new document, they have to assign that document to a certain category and subcategory. Our current solution uses two dropdowns for this. The problem So currently the workflow ...

input-fields selection dropdown tree  
asked by QWERTZdenker 1 vote
answered by Oluwatobi Mayowa 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Splitting credit card number fields into four different inputs

I have previously been using 4 fields for the credit card number, splitting up each set of 4 numbers to make it easier to enter. I am now thinking about having one field, which inserts spaces after ...

forms input-fields formatting payment credit-cards  
asked by Source 114 votes
answered by JonW 246 votes

Why do people clear the screen multiple times when using a calculator?

I've noticed that most people when using a real or a virtual calculator, they hit the Clear button multiple times when clearing the screen (even though hitting it once is enough), so I started ...

buttons psychology physical  
asked by Mashhoor 480 votes
answered by Gala 505 votes

Why Ctrl + C for copy but not Ctrl + P for paste?

Why was the Ctrl + C key sequence selected for copying text, however Ctrl + P was not selected for paste in Windows?

asked by MCG 85 votes
answered by Ameen Akbar 143 votes

What to call "Cancel" when "Cancel" is already the default action?

When attempting to cancel a service or setting, "cancel" is the default action. What should the normal "cancel" button be called? Redbox uses a playful "just kidding", which may not be appropriate in ...

copywriting confirmation messagebox cancel  
asked by Luke Charde 273 votes
answered by Heng-Cheong Leong 366 votes

Which way should be "on" for a switch?

Most of us use switches every day in various forms. And although there are sometimes general norms in countries as to which direction is "on", there is variation between countries. So when ...

physical affordance toggle intuitive  
asked by JohnGB 128 votes
answered by Benny Skogberg 79 votes

What is the generally accepted resolution for mobile design?

So, I am a week and a half into a new project, and I've been designing for a resolution of 320px * 480px. I am new to the game and I've just found out that that resolution is too small considering the ...

mobile responsive-design screen-resolution  
asked by styke 20 votes
answered by Arqh 21 votes

What's the best chart layout for displaying profit/cost/revenue/turnover

Some background I work as an independent consultant, and as such I use multiple 3rd party software to keep track of my billable hours, sent invoices, due taxes, bank mutations, etc. However, as with ...

charts graphs  
asked by Qualiture 5 votes
answered by Zoe K 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

When to show content as un-editable vs disabled

The company I work for is integrating some new users data into our platform and it's brought on a new set of challenges. One area in which I'm undecided is this: Users have a set of tags which can ...

usability accessibility  
asked by SimplyTheJ 1 vote
answered by straya 0 votes

What should be triggered in a blog when deselecting a tag?

I am writing a simple personal blog. The posts will have tags and I would like to give the reader the opportunity to choose, based on them, which posts are of interest to them. To set the context, ...

user-behavior user-expectation tags  
asked by WoJ 1 vote
answered by virtualnobi 0 votes

Navigating Deep links

Im working on a mobile flow that allows a user to deeplink to separate jobs within the same app via toast messages and/or notifications from a notification centre. Im struggling with getting back to ...

navigation back-button deeplink  
asked by Destructo 1 vote
answered by straya 0 votes
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