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Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward was born in 1975 in Riverside, California and had a childhood filled with curiosity and exploration. In eighth grade, he ranked 7th in the U.S. in the 1989 MathCounts competition, programmed a four dimensional maze, and did an independent study of calculus. This mathematical fascination prepared the way, over time, to ongoing explorations in other areas. These other explorations would feed into his work as an author on the web.

Hayward entered high school in 1989 at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. There he continued in mathematics while pursuing a breadth of other interests. These interests laid broad and deep foundations for his later multidisciplinary endeavors on the web. In 1990-92, he administered a student-use social network that effectively provided web 2.0 functionality before the web became widely known. He also participated in, and wrote for, discussions on the social network, continued in French, and pursued more whimsical endeavors such as programming a video game on his calculator. He graduated in absentia in 1992, away in Washington, D.C. for a math contest.

He went on to study at Wheaton as a National Merit Scholar majoring in math in 1992, before transferring in 1994 to Calvin. Outside of class time at these two schools, he continued with interests that would come to have surprising connections and bear fruit in his later writing. He read the Bible at length, began working on the web, and started to write works that would be published on his main site. During his studies at Calvin, he earned an advanced certificate from the Sorbonne in 1995 before graduating from Calvin in 1996.

He began his post-graduate education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1996. He earned his M.S. in applied math in 1998 with a computational science and engineering option and being the first person to graduate with the new master's thesis option. During that time, he began to explore other languages besides French and English. He passed a proficiency test to opt out of a year's German coursework within two weeks of self-study. (He would go on to study well over a dozen dialects and languages: ancient, medieval, modern, "conlang," computer...) By the time Hayward had finished his first master's, he had already begun his literature site...

comment Zebra striping for body text?
Could I have a pixel width to go with your recommendation?
comment Zebra striping for body text?
Thanks for a useful critique that I didn't even ask for!
comment Zebra striping for body text?
Thank you for the website critique!
comment Is an accordion worse than a grid?
I have nineteen total; see my Amazon page at amazon.com/CJS-Hayward/e/B007PJY1T0 . I assume that that is conceptually closer to a single digit. If you have a different answer for close to 20, please clarify.
comment When is it better to paginate and not to paginate?
@all, thank you very much; I (attempted to) convert JonathansCorner.com from pagination to scrolling, a decision which was made on a misguided usability principle that said, "If you are trying to be as good as possible, paginate so people don't have to scroll through more than ____ screenfuls per page at _____x_______ resolution." Thanks for all your comments.
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When I was interviewing with Walgreen's, theirs struck me as a job well done, but I imagine there are people here who have seen as good or better.