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comment “File” for name of drop-down menu
No one who already uses a computer is going to say, "What the hell is that?" when they see a File menu. "File" may not necessarily be the best label, but people are accustomed to it. There is something to be said for using design elements that people are already familiar with.
comment Should apps allow the use of non-Latin names?
RE the second bullet, mapping another language into Latin script does not necessarily eliminate ambiguity. In fact, it may create ambiguity. For example, there are many Japanese names that map to the same phonemes (and therefore, presumably, to the same Latin spelling).
comment Are round check boxes confusing or an accepted standard?
I agree: some users know the conventions and others don't, and similarly some users, when faced with uncertainty, will experiment, while others won't. Take an educated guess, test it, and be prepared to make changes if you are wrong.