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comment Should I lock to portrait my iOS app?
+1 I would add: Is there any strong adverse effect to using your app in landscape mode? Yes ==> see if it can be dealt with more gracefully in your design. No ==> Don't force people to use your app a certain way since there's no benefit to doing so. I only use my iPad in landscape mode, and it annoys the heck out of me when I use an app that forces portrait.
comment Understanding the scroll bar in the Firefox 'List All Tabs' dropdown
I think this is a great, poorly-executed idea. They could probably use something like section highlighting or graying out, or what have you. But a scroll bar is the wrong kind of indicator here simply because so many people have a different idea as to its purpose.
comment Where should I put my 'desktop site' link?
In addition to @JeroenEijkhof's excellent point, I would argue that those toasts would get annoying pretty quickly. I also think it's a non-trivial problem to develop the smarts that would correctly pick when/how often to display that toast while preserving both its usefulness and the discoverability of the feature. In the end, developing a good, feature-complete mobile site would be a far more effective use of time, in my opinion.
comment Why don't ATMs give you cash before your card?
In the US, Bank of America ATMs recently (in the past year or so?) started returning the card to you before asking for your PIN. I always inferred that too many people left their cards behind after receiving their cash.
comment Where to place currency symbol when localizing and what to do with odd symbols
I don't know about French Canadians, but the European French will in some circumstances insert the unit in place of the decimal separator, eg. 2€50. It is true that 2,50€ will also be understood, but the former is more prevalent in my experience. This was also true when the currency was the franc (F).
comment Prominent Notification Areas in a Desktop Application
"top bar notifications should displace the existing UI rather than obscure it." I don't think it's so clear-cut. Shifting UI elements (which you suggest) adversely impacts the user experience than obscuring a small section of it. When you're shifting, you're affecting the entire document, whereas when you're obscuring you're only affecting a small portion that is away from the center.
comment HTML label association with inputs; bad UX?
"They actually say that it's weird that clicking the label focuses the input, and that it's "non-standard" behavior." And my answer is: So what? Associating the label with the input has no downsides (or at least, none that they brought up to you). The alternative is that clicking the label does nothing, so you lose something and gain nothing in return. When saying something shouldn't be done, you should list some downsides other than "it's not standard". If we only ever did everything the way it's been done before we would never make any progress in anything.
comment Examples of placebos in UI design?
-1 Being unnecessary has nothing to do with being a placebo. If it has an effect, then it's not a placebo. Being redundant (or not) is an entirely different conversation.
comment Multiple choice with Yes, No and 'No answer'
+1 I think the solution proposed in the question is terribly confusing because the selection is not clear enough. There's a bunch of vertical bars everywhere and they don't really help to distinguish which option is selected.
comment Is 'crazy' good?
I couldn't agree more with Jonathan Ive when he said that too many competitors make the mistake of only trying to make something different. What you should be doing is building a better product, not just a different one.
comment What are the functional advantages of disabling user access to the filesystem on the iPad?
I disagree that it this question does not have an answer. Designers/developers do not make random choices without cause (at least smart ones don't). Apple chose to do it a certain way; there is an explanation or justification.
comment Disable the save button until changes are made?
I disagree that letting users click Save repeatedly gives them peace of mind. At least as far as I'm concerned a Save / Apply button that doesn't update makes me wonder if anything happened at all. If you're then going to put an explanation somewhere to reassure the user that Save did in fact have an effect then you might as well simply update the Save button directly.