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I'm a 70's baby. I'm a geek, in the best sense of the word.

I've progressed "up the communications stack" (think the TCP/IP stack) over the past 14 years:

  • I studied electronic engineering
  • I spent years wrestling with search engine spiders analysing web traffic before it was called Web Analytics
  • I built and tested opto-electronic circuitry in chemistry research, then integrated those circuitry with Lego Mindstorms on MIT Media Lab projects
  • I spent 5 years working in systems, network and infrastructure administration for various IT and Internet companies
  • I spent 7 years working in mobile telecommunications services building mobile Internet networks.
  • I am now working in information architecture, interaction design and human computer systems (HCI).

My favourite word is why. I'm skeptical. I like the outdoors, but live in cities.

I ride my bike, take photographs, travel as much as possible, drink good wine and eat good food, and talk too much.

accepted Whats the best way to represent private pages in an information architecture map?