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I like to write code and solve problems. I'm not an expert yet, but I hope to be one, one day.

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comment How to improve calendar event containment?
I really like 2 and 3. As for 1., there's a UI difference between an event separated from the cell border and one that isn't - it indicates that the event extends beyond that day.
comment In a popup with “yes” and “no” buttons , you put “yes” or “no” first?
Shouldn't this be a comment? This is entirely opinion based with out any empirical reasoning.
comment Buttons instead of radio buttons or a dropdown
This is exactly how jquery mobile renders Radio buttons in a horizontal control group. See the section on "Horizontal Radio Button Sets" here: api.jquerymobile.com/checkboxradio
comment How should I handle playing multiple alarms?
@JonW Good question. They are single sound clips (< 1s each). I'll update my question.
comment How to make a progress-speed bar more understandable?
@ruda.almeida I agree. Best answer here because it points out the flaw in the question.
comment What is the best way to represent the difficulty level in a children's game?
@Seraphim'shost but isn't that silly? The question is how to make the choice clear, not to present them with an ambiguous option that becomes clear once they make the wrong choice.
comment Should I use Yes/No or Ok/Cancel on my message box?
We've come full circle. The question regarding the top comment has been posted here, which linked me to this question.
comment What explains the current shift from glossy UIs to matte UIs?
As for "most iOS icons have the same gloss effect," I think this follows the trend. Xcode allows the developer to specify that the icon is "prerendered" which prevents the addition of the gloss icon. I went through and checked the apps on my iphone and a surprisingly small (because it defaults to being on) number have the gloss, meaning iOS devs are trending toward the flat design too. Even some Apple designed apps don't have it.
comment What reason could Nintendo have had for putting the A and B buttons the wrong way round?
I still always refer to "2" as "A" and "1" as "B" when holding a Wiimote sideways, like a nintendo controller. Confuses the hell out of my wife.
comment How can users be prevented from pouring water into the bean compartment of a coffee machine?
Our office full of engineers came up with a solution to this: a sticky note that says "Do not add water to machine"
comment How should large table columns be handled on a responsive design?
These are some good points. The clickable column headers to sort, and the user's ability to reorder columns and add filters already exist, as default functionality, albeit not in a drag and drop form. I was debating whether or not there should be a horizontal scroll. This would definitely allow the most data to show in the table and look the most uniform with additional columns. I originally really liked the idea of having no horizontal scrolling - but I'm not an experienced designer, so that's why I'm asking this here! Thanks!