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comment Assessing a value of a page in Google Analytics (GA)
I need more information to answer this question. What is the problem your site is trying to solve? Are you trying to deflect questions in a support environment? Are you trying to generate leads? Are you trying to find support for an idea? Are you trying to get eyeballs to sell ad impressions? I don't have a specific cite for the answer for any of those questions, but I would create a different formula in each case.
comment how to explain logarithmic scale to a non-techie user
There has been some user testing - it came back OK. But we're still worried ;) I totally agree on moving the control - that's in-progress. Right now there is no visual feedback. I'm torn on the yellow - it's attracting the eye to something that, in the end, isn't the thing I really want the user to watch. I think more testing is the right answer. Thanks.