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Good Morning how are you, I'm dr jimbob
I'm interested in things.
I'm not a real dr,
But I am a real jim bob.

Have a PhD in Experimental High-Energy Physics, but left academia in mid-2010 to program professionally.

Mostly program/script in python, django, and jquery these days doing mostly web apps.

Also have experience programming in C, C++, java, haskell, php, and (bash) shell more in the past.

Linux as primary OS since 1999, ubuntu user since 2005 (Hoary).

comment Refusing a user permission to click a URL
@corvec, I know I didn't contribute to the ux answer; but his question was vague "Is there a better way" than sending the user a message he has no permissions when he clicks a link. I agree not seeing that forbidden content exists (+1) OR seeing it with a link disabled and a lock image (+1) seem like great options. But its critical to mention that access control should not be done by disabling/rerouting links (which seems to be what spiral13 claimed to be doing).
comment How could one prevent drunk users from using a mobile application?
Look at the field sobriety tests. Most are ~65% accurate and usually test multitasking (e.g., say alphabet backwards without slurring while walking in a line) and can't be done in a way that's not trivial to cheat, except maybe the eye gaze test though would be difficult to implement (computer vision/adequate lighting/front camera). It will also exclude users with certain diseases (multiple sclerosis) who will always fail it.