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comment Better purchase conversions for single page vs. multiple?
I don't know of any specific A/B testing, but I would caution you that the "order, then pay / shopping cart" 2-step paradigm is so universal that it might slow users down if they see them combined into one. Make sure you are actually adding some benefit by combining the pages. I can only see it working if you were logged in already, like "1-click" buying from Amazon, AND completing multiple transactions right after each other would not lead to an increased shipping/processing cost.
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comment What's a good icon to represent how difficult a task is to do?
The trail ranking symbols work by rote memorization. There's nothing inside those symbols that indicates what they mean. Even the green circle representing "easy" gets lost when you don't also show yellow for "medium" and red for "really hard". When it comes to figuring out which trails are dangerous, user will take the time to learn the system. But in a software app, they won't. My point is that this scheme relies on plain memorization of symbols, and that's exactly what users do NOT do in software, unless truly forced.
comment What's a good icon to represent how difficult a task is to do?
For what its worth, I've never laid eyes on these symbols before and would have no idea what they meant if they popped up in an app.
comment Better term for “user”
I'd go with "A/B Test Result Delivery Units" ;)