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I'm a digital strategy creative who is fluent in tech. I've got 13 years beneath me as a new media designer, but my early kung-fu training was computer science. L33t meets letterpress. I geek out with both art directors and developers daily.

My current focus is online marketing and branding. I lead digital culture and strategy for Grady Britton. BizDev? Yup, that's me in the pitch. In-the-trenches-from-the-hip hackery with my team to launch a project on time? Oh yes, that's me at the whiteboard.

I believe that complexity needn't be complicated. I enjoy taking complex concepts and making them approachable for users, clients, and developers.

I'd probably spend a 25th hour bathed in UX and IxD. I am constantly generating sketches and wireframes. Diagrams are my preferred language. I love elegant design with purpose. I love clean, commented code.

Once, I was a musician and DJ. Then, I was an audio engineer, no wait, a video editor. Then, a graphic designer.

I keep a Flickr photostream of UX and IxD images.

Sometimes, I give talks on online presence, pragmatic social media marketing, and web design.

I am passionate about elegant, intuitive, efficient, and uniquely bold projects.

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