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comment How do you test phrasing of labels, links, and descriptive text?
Strategy 1 is an excellent suggestion, and I think I'll try it before anything else. I can get some candy as an enticement and stake out a position in the student union during lunch. Thanks!
comment How do you test phrasing of labels, links, and descriptive text?
This is a good suggestion, and I would definitely use it in any broad based change, but I think it may be overkill for the type of very tightly focused phrasing/vocabulary changes at hand. I may try it anyway though. Thanks.
comment Designing for children and young readers?
I would add to this - when picking navigational labels, bear in mind that children think much more concretely than adults. For example, in one case study I read, children interpreted a label like "My Profile" to mean "The profile of the person who made this site". They did not transfer "my" to apply to themselves. Usability went up when they changed the label to "your profile". So - try to avoid metaphors or indirect labels in your navigation.
comment I'm looking for good examples of Welcome pages, and any good theory on how to go about it
Could you elaborate on what you mean by "reporting"? Somebody says "reporting", I think "This is Sharyn Swaroop with breaking news: there is coal in Pennsylvania! Full story at 11."
comment Is there any testing methodology similar to A/B testing, but without a specific goal?
This sounds like an interesting approach - sort of a survey which follows you around the site. Since a huge quantity of our resource are actually hosted off site at 3rd party vendors of full-text journal databases, it would be difficult to implement something like this. It might be possible by using a frame set to hold the survey-ish thing, but there are likely to be problems with cross-domain JavaScript security restrictions. Hmm. I'll have to put some more thought into it. Thanks!