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comment How the user should be informed that the file she submitted is not an image?
@PaddyLandau: I'm not sure about Mac but on Linux the extensions are widely used (for example to save I/O during displaying a large folder - without extensions each file would need to be opened, magic number found etc. - while checking extension is more or less instantaneous).
comment Are age verification banners effective?
You could request ID scan (passport/driving license/state issued ID). Of course a) there are fake IDs used by younger people b) from what I heard in some countries (US) not everyone have ID and c) not every adult will be willing to send you ID for fear of identity theft.
comment Who needs an external on/off Wi-Fi button?
@AlanB: IIRC there were unable to affect the jet on ground, where the cables was shielded, but they were able to affect their setup, where they weren't. Of course they have one data point of not affecting the jet - and my guess is that in this case it's better to be safe then sorry.
comment Auto capitalization of name input fields
I guess the question may be how much cost is provided by both options. If you don't autocorrect the only people annoyed would be those who care about capitalization enough to be annoyed but not sufficiently to enter it correctly or correct it afterwards. In second case you annoy everyone who have non-standard name (and you need to code it). I would argue that there are more latter people then former.
answered Adding USA at the top of dropdown list of countries. OK practice or not?
comment Adding USA at the top of dropdown list of countries. OK practice or not?
The problem is that it brokes jump-by-pressing-letter at least on some browsers and hence making search for county harder.
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