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comment Does anyone use different levels of personas?
I'm sure there is a right way and a wrong way to do this, but it makes me nervous. It seems to be backwards to get your users used to one site design, and then - once they are "familiar" - make them relearn a new design.
comment How can I preserve readability when using a dynamic grid layout?
Actually, I asked about the flow of the masonry grid as well. It seems like the intent is a little bit readability and scan-ability. For instance, we are aggregating things like tweets. While tweets are shorts spurts of text that may be easily scannable, I tend to read each one individually.
comment Tabs in textboxes
The checkbox idea actually just dawned on me as I was driving to work. With some good design/wording it will probably be pretty obvious/easy for users to simply click "Lock Tabs" when they want it. I can even save their preference via a cookie or in the DB so they only have to do it once.