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I run a user interface development and consultancy company called Think ui based near Cambridge in the UK, having previously been involved in UI consultancy and outsourced development with another company for many years, specializing in UI, UX and graphic design.

comment Visually show “Content cannot be dropped here”
Yes, that was more or less the answer I was looking for: i.e. when you have valid and invalid drop regions, you should not leave it to the user to 'test' each region to see whether it can be dropped on, but be proactive in identifying for the user those ones which can be dropped on. It doesn't have to be a bright colour - just enough to distinguish the valid ones. There may be no need to separately identify the invalid ones - it might be visually better to leave those unchanged so that all the emphasis and transitions are about the valid ones rather than valid and invalid.
comment How long is an experience?
At least half as long as twice its length, if not more.
comment How should you create simple, color-coded graphics for color-blind people when the graphics are particularly thin?
Use a key with a different number of 'teeth' for each of the four modes. Use them in both the colour and the black & white versions. 1,2,3 or 4 teeth, (with the four teeth being two either side) should be easily distinguishable if designed well.
comment Best practice for navigating a detailed image like a map on mobile
sure - there's a wealth of examples and demos on the Google Maps API - such as this moon example, drawing on your map, placing markers at a lat/long and including using info windows
comment Best practice for navigating a detailed image like a map on mobile
That's what I mean - you can use your own illustrated map using the Google Maps API. No google data needs to show - only your own map. Essentially you use Google Maps as an image viewer. example
comment Best practice for navigating a detailed image like a map on mobile
Just wondering...can you just use the Google Maps API to display your own image instead? No need to re-invent the wheel. Or maybe something like PanoJS
comment Is “UX” as an abbreviation for “user experience” meant to be ironic?
The x is very common in medical environments to denote the rest of a common word rather than a second word starting ex... Sx for Symptoms, Px for Prescription, Dx Diagnosis, Fx Family, etc.
comment Telling users to avoid a setting
See also: Could scaring users be good UX?
comment Alert box wording
See What to call “Cancel” when “Cancel” is already the default action?
comment Is this wireframe usable to view and add users ?
Consider the worst possible scenario that can occur in your system. How does this design cope? For example what are the maximum number of users? What happens when the list on the right becomes very long? What happens when users have same or similar names? Are the id's even names? What if you want to add all users? Should you be able to sort the users. What if you want to remove all users? Should you be able to search the users in the right hand list as well as the left? Is the right hand list sorted in the same way? Is removing the user you just added easy Might you want an undo? etc, etc...
comment What is a good UI/UX for asking people to pick from two lists?
@sree I didn't mean it to necessarily be a new page, but a kind of 2 step wizard popup where the steps are clearly connected and provide a path, as opposed to two distinct popups which breaks the process up too much.
comment Votes (star rating) usage - stars or smiles?
@DavidMulder I don't think that makes sense! Who's to say that all users will be swayed in the same way and by the same amount. The point is to remove the number of factors which can affect results, not deliberately add to them!
comment Why does the computer keyboard's key is printed in Uppercase?
And yet, many children's early learning keyboards have lower case letters on! For example these images on Google
comment What do you think of social streaming plug in?
See also: Does a social timeline makes sense?
comment Slider alternative
@MichaelLai Actually... yes! I did implement this for a client in C++ using Qt (as a plugin ui component) with a few extra features, although I held off on the multiple tooltips at the time. We had a situation where there was a lot of sliders and editable spinboxes all over the place. This 'smart spinbox' worked really well, saving space, reducing clutter, but still providing all the features necessary. I was going to write an article about it, but if you want to know more, see my bio and drop me an email through my website.
comment How far in the past should an online order history display orders
Showing your most recent orders. [show all 37]
comment What is a good name length limit?
I like falsehood #40: "People have names"
comment Forgot password— show the rules for that passphrase?
See this question: Would it be bad design (and unsafe) to put password guidelines next to a login box?
comment Do long domain names really affect user experience?
@MiloPrice Definitely a Yes :)
comment Icon that inverts the background
Hi Kannan. This is not really a UX question, but for what it's worth, inverting the background is not something that is a feature of the icon itself, but the way the icon is painted onto the background (eg by XORing background with the icon bitmap. So you can do it with two icons, or (my java is a little rusty) you can override the component paint method to XOR the icon when it's drawn?