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I'm an aspiring cryptographer. Other interests include software engineering and Linux-based system administration.

I can be contacted at: reid [at] rwiggins [dot] net.

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comment Are long query strings in URLs bad for usability?
One thing about short URLs, though, is that for things such as searches and input sensitive pages, bookmarks and link copying/pasting don't work because they're looking for data via POST instead of via GET. A "permalink" option will solve this nicely, but I think that's something to consider if your site has a portion of power users. I know I hated USPS tracking because I couldn't find a good way to bookmark the results.
comment Why don't we auto-save for users instead of having them save manually?
Microsoft Office does auto-save; it's how you can "recover" documents you were working on if the power goes out or the editor crashes unexpectedly. It's a bit roundabout, but I feel it should be mentioned anyways. I actually like that system, for the most part.
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