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comment Are tag/word clouds useful?
I've never touched a tag cloud either, but the above images are excellent examples of much more useful & attractive ways of surfacing content - though they are also nothing at all to do with tagging, only popularity.
comment What's a good alternative to flags for depicting internationalisation as an option?
I concur that what Phil outlines is the best approach, and I would only clarify that (as per Phil's examples) the full language names should be stated in their own native language (i.e. "Français" not "French") with all their characters appearing legibly (i.e. the document should be written in Unicode and the text rendered in a Unicode-compatible font). A good example of this in practice is at the top right of - which I designed/specified while working there.
comment Auto focus on the first form field; done right?
And of course it's not necessarily the first field that should/could have autofocus, it depends on the circumstance. On many pages there's a search box in the header, so that's the first field, but you wouldn't want to give it focus every time the user navigates to a new page!