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comment Visualizing individual data usage from the same data pool in a table
I might even go to say to break out data pools into their own tables. If its important to relate "like" users in shared pools, then its just as important to distinguish one user from another across different data pools.
comment Should the space between the checkbox and label be clickable?
@OlegV.Volkov - thats the correct assumption. In fact, the UX could be improved even more by overriding the checkbox with a better visual style. Now were shifting the focus of the interaction from a checkbox to the actual label.
comment Is there a name for a control which allows a user to add/remove table rows?
Sorry, is this in regards to the name of the control presented in the UI or just the name of the control within the code?
comment Pagination: Let the user choose how many items are shown per page?
I somewhat disagree with the concept of jumping back to specific data. I believe users would rather select "Page 7", knowing their data is there vs. scrolling down for an estimated 7 "loads". It depends on how the data is sorted... Although, I think the issue with accessing the right data easily goes beyond the scope of this discussion. I would rather help users by allowing them enter a search term or use a filter than making them remember the location of a certain piece of data. This notion is complicated further when the data is dynamic. Slightly off topic though :)
comment Pagination: Let the user choose how many items are shown per page?
I would be careful with the infinite scroll pattern depending on the application. This pattern may be useful in news feed like situations when the user is just scrolling through content to parse. I think it is a different consideration when you are dealing with tabular data.
comment What are best practices when designing a left-hand navigation element?
Add some context to the question. Do you have any information about what navigational elements would go here? For example, are we talking about a wiki like application, where the navigation needs to grow?
comment What tools/methods do you use to get from a project kickoff to wireframes?
Thats for sure. I struggle with similar forces, such as incomplete requirements. For example, "This application should support user roles". What I have found is that questions are a crucial part of gathering solid requirements. The design should be your interpretation, but product direction and goals may or may not be.