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comment An intuitive way to present a Login interface
What leads you to believe that 'some users will be discontent' with presenting a panel in the center of the window as a login interface? That's the way operating systems have done it for years, and it's the way that many websites handle it (e.g. the WordPress admin area) so most users will likely be perfectly comfortable with it.
comment When to use Pull Down to Refresh and when to use a Refresh Button?
@Jay Q. Generally, I would suggest standardising them when you can. It's OK to have a 'pull to refresh' action in addition to a refresh button if you're using a refresh button elsewhere because, for users who have come to expect the behaviour, it will be a welcome addition. And users who don't know if it will still have a way to refresh the page that's standardised across all screens.
comment What is an intuitive HTML interface for selecting items from a list into multiple subsets?
Are the subsets predefined, or can users add new ones?
comment Should I use Yes/No or Ok/Cancel on my message box?
@greengit Even alerts that ask a yes/no question should use a verb or phrase instead of "Yes". In your first two examples above, it would be better to use "Cancel My Account" and "Sign Out" instead of "Yes". People don't always read dialog boxes, but they almost always read buttons.
comment What UX solutions are there for the EU cookie legislation?
I agree. Given that they're the governing body that will oversee and enforce the new law in the UK, it's not a great advert, is it? If they hope to convince site owners to abide by the new law, they would do well to simplify and improve both the look and the user experience as a model for others to adopt.