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comment How to indicate that an image is a link too?
+1 @MathewFoscarini Nor do phones. Good point to keep in mind.
comment Should users be forced into a responsive design (without the ability to opt out)?
To me it feels like the example of the Boston Globe's site is just an odd implementation of Responsive Web Design as the content feels like it should be trimmed/paged for sure based off the screenshot. You could argue that since its a news site though that you would want all the content in one page for sure. Although I have wondered the exact same thing in passing -- if it's better to just have a separate mobile site that you can allow users to switch back and forth from as opposed to forcing them down a single path. I think more options are always better (within reason of course).
comment Do users always update Flash?
As someone who's worked at a helpdesk before, I can tell you it is about exactly what you're seeing: 50/50. Some IT administrators will not allow the updates if there's a strict policy in place, some will force push the updates, and some will leave it to choice. I get annoyed seeing those adobe updates all the time, but I personally always do it for fear of security holes with the previous version.
comment Do people use `jump to top of page` links?
I haven't found any hard data, but here's a collection of links I went through on my hunt for you @Phil. From Nielsen: Avoid Within-Page Links, and a followup: Within-Page Links for AJAX, "Return to Top", Skip-Links.
comment Should I Stop Using A Currency Symbol?
+1 I just about posted the exact same answer. You should be able to read localization settings from the computer's regional settings (which will include the currency symbol) pretty readily and thus pull the currency from there -- I would think this would be the best bet and is the most common practice.
comment Multi-select filter other than check boxes?
I really like the last example on that page, good find.
comment Total redesign for already established app?
Here's a related question to for sure consider:
comment Is it OK for scrolling interactions to not scroll content?
In Google Maps' native implementation they have it setup right, no vertically scrolling is allowed so the only action you can perform by scrolling is zooming -- so this is OK. So I would say then that the problem is not with their original choice per say, but with their choice of interaction defaults for developers integrating the functionality on other sites.
comment Simplicity vs. Conditional Views
I completely agree with you, excellent idea to have some personas around.
comment Selection of items in a grid across pages
It's just a general question, I posed it ambiguously on purpose. A sample case might be a grid of contact records, where actions would be things like send email, delete, edit, etc.