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comment Why do door knobs still exist?
There is also a compromise: an egg shaped knob that is still mostly round, but is easier to grip for people with lower grip strength. It has the huge advantage of not being easy for cats (or dogs, bears or velociraptors) to operate, and not being as prone to hooking clothing as a handle. (I had a door that ripped my pants clean off me once. I hate handles.)
comment Do users log-out?
Your bank may also expire sessions by time since last activity. I've walked away from mine many times, and come back after a remarkably short time to find it has timed out.
comment Preventing users from closing browser tab. Bad idea?
There is a "bargins" site my wife frequents and occasionally sends me links to. It refuses to show the linked product page without creating an account and logging in. That might be excusable, except that it does it in a pop-over, with the most of the content dimmed behind. The impression I get is one of being taunted, and I don't find that to be an effective sales tactic. I close the window instead.
comment Preventing users from closing browser tab. Bad idea?
Personally, I find that almost every question that starts off "how do I prevent users from..." touches a whole set of nerves... :-)
comment Pop-under: Really that bad?
Personally, I always have about a dozen tabs open, and use the tab group feature in firefox to maintain a semblance of order and context. A pop-under might not be seen for days since I also tend to never close the browser or even log out of the desktop.
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