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comment Content Strategy to Avoid Duplicated Pages
I've updated the question with an important point about there being products which have a single content version which is equally applicable to either area.
comment Content Strategy to Avoid Duplicated Pages
There are two different versions in the current site.
comment Content Strategy to Avoid Duplicated Pages
Uum.. I don't think I am confusing user interface with information architecture actually and I'm aware that the way products are displayed/queried doesn't have to relate 1:1 to content items as I'm a software developer. What I'm trying to find out is whether having two versions of the same thing, albeit with different audience in mind, is a bad thing or not. If there is good justification for two versions of a page, then so be it, but if not, I'd like to know about alternative approaches.
comment How can I inform clients of the need for content strategy?
Hi, thanks for the answer - some useful tips here. I'm currently reading Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, but your last link doesn't seem to work.
comment Guidelines on duplicating content structures in a site
Hi and thanks for your answer - this is really helpful. One thing though, what do you mean when you say "map content back to audience support"?