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The people who are best at programming are the people who realize how small their brains are. The more you learn to compensate for your small brain, the better a programmer you'll be. The more humble you are, the faster you'll improve.(The Humble Programmer)

Well, about me?

I am just trying to compensate for my tiny brain.

My profile

Name : Raging Bull

Job : Software developer (I love what I do)

Daily routine : Get up. Be awesome. Go back 2 bed.

Religion : I am GOD (Don't believe that. Im just kidding) ;-)

Sports interests : I am athletic. I surf the net. ;-)

Passion : Bodybuilding & Kickboxing.

Regrets : I tried to be normal once. Worst 5 minutes of my life.

Strength : I always keep my standards and my heels high.

Weakness : I am old enough to know better - but young enough to still do it anyway!

Hate : When SO is in read-only mode.

Goal : Make my code error free or die trying.

Favorite datatype : Boolean. Coz even if I am wrong, I am only off by a bit.

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