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Juha Untinen

I'm a generalist Software Developer with 15+ years of Full Stack experience (HTML/HTML5, CSS1-3, MySQL/MariaDB, JavaScript/jQuery, AngularJS and for the backend mostly PHP4/5, but recently Python and Node.js, mostly on Linux/Unix platforms but also a bit in Windows), 4 years of B2B Integration experience (EDI and recently a bit of Java, both in Linux and Unix). I also have a good amount of hobby and educational Hardware programming experience (C, Atmel AVR, Arduino and a bit of TI).

In addition, I have experience with Shell Scripts and various online programming courses in Code Abbey, Codecademy, Project Euler, etc. I'm also always checking out various other languages and tech, such as C#, Polymer, ReactJS, C++.

At the moment, I am working primarily with Python using Flask and SQLAlchemy, along with some Java webservice development using Jersey, Maven, Tomcat and Jetty. Mostly in Ubuntu-based Vagrant virtual box and Git.

I always enjoy working on something and learning new things, so I often read books about software development and project management. Lately I've been re-reading Uncle Bob's Clean Code to see if anything new pops up after some more experience under the belt.

My favourite results so far have been:

  • A working hardware controller (Atmel AVR 8-bit MCU) for automated Scalextric race car driving on a course with sensors for lap times
  • The frequently updated website for my band, where I use the latest technologies I've learned. The latest version will use AngularJS with HTML5 and CSS3 with a back-end done in PHP 5 as a RESTful API.
  • The several mini-games I have done on various languages. It's always fun to compare how similar programs are so different in various languages. Python and C# have been the most pleasurable so far.

One of my future targets is to do some more electronics tinkering with C. The goal is to create a quite literal drum machine, which will use an Arduino-controller actuator to swing a drumstick at the general direction of the drum. Preferrably with full MIDI control.