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I'm a web developer in the field of education and training.

At work, I'm developing in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML. I use Ubuntu, Apache, Eclipse, Subversion...

At the moment I'm interested in object-oriented design and development, and I'm constantly trying to improve my skills in this field.

I'm also interested in getting "old" projects out of their rotting state: refactoring, and dealing with legacy code. Unfortunately, we don't have much time to do this at work right now.

At home, when I have some spare time, I also like programming. I tried some Nintendo DS programming in Lua, C, and C++. In the process, I learned (basic) OpenGL and wxWidgets on desktop computers, too. I also used Git, GitHub, and Google Project Hosting for personal projects.

Besides programming and computers, I'm a total music (metal/rock) and movie (fantasy/horror/sci-fi) geek. I like going to live gigs, eating in nice restaurants, and travelling to countries I never visited before.