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Working in UX / Information Architect role in Hampshire, UK.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UXJon

comment Top-down hamburger menu / is it a cool experience regarding my application?
Are they 'shocked' in that they don't know how to use it? Do they still recognise it as an icon that triggers a menu to appear?
reviewed Reviewed What encouraged the designers of GNOME Web 3.11.90 to show both (a) the page title and (b) the address/location/URL in the header bar?
comment What should be the default selection for a civilité (title/salutation) field?
Can you provide more detail here? I've no idea what it is you're asking about. Do you have a screenshot?
reviewed No Action Needed Is it better to use a warning icon, error icon, or no icon at all for login problems in a mobile app?
comment When is using haptic feedback for button presses a good idea?
While you make some good points here, a lot of it is verging on Apple Fanboy-ism (I'm not sure it's accurate to state that Apple were the founders of on-screen keyboards, nor that you should primarily look at what Apple are doing). However your points about sweeping and vibration together not being the best of friends is a very good point. As too is the issue of considering devices that don't have vibration features. One other question though - can you expand on what you mean by 'Use it as an accessibility extra feature"?
comment Require input if there are any
Does your client realise that whatever solution you come up with, someone could easily claim they don't have an email address when they actually do, but just don't want to provide it?
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reviewed Looks OK What is the best UX to configure a server application? XML (or text) file or GUI?
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revised How can I determine the appropriate color,font for a website based on target group?
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comment What is the best strategy for playing a video embedded on a webpage to provide the optimal user experience?
The YouTube.com website doesn't auto play. Nothing autoplays until the visitor chooses to access a specific piece of content - ie opening a link to a specific video.
comment What are the best UX design books/articles/videos?
Hi Den. I'm afraid questions requesting recommendations for books etc aren't really on topic for this site these days. However there are plenty of older questions that should give you some pointers.
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comment How to handle rating indicator when no one has rated yet?
Are you suggesting showing a ratio of 0:0 as well as the text of 'be the first to rate this product'?
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What do you mean 'best suggested way'? Can you expand on what it is you're trying to achieve here?
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