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Working in UX / Information Architect role in Hampshire, UK.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UXJon

revised Why don't e-commerce sites use “quick view” on mobile?
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answered Do users object to homepages which contain a full section consisting of a contact form?
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comment Why did early telephones use a rotary dial instead of 10 individual buttons?
I've protected this question because it's getting pretty much the same answer repeatedly - because the technology at the time could only handle pulse dialing. That answer has already been stated multiple times so any more ways of saying the same thing is just noise.
comment Why do installers still try to install toolbars?
That's a marketing decision. Same reason why Adobe suggests installing McAfee with Flash updates. They've been paid by the affiliate to bundle the installer with their product. It's not a UX issue really (although perhaps in the context of Dark Patterns).
comment Why did early telephones use a rotary dial instead of 10 individual buttons?
Because this is a UX site. We don't need to know the fully detailed nitty-gritty technical explanations. From a User Experience perspective the phones were limited to pulse dialing because that's all that technology would allow at the time. Going into more technical detail, while possibly interesting, isn't a new answer to the question. It's just a technical description behind what has already been stated.
comment Why did early telephones use a rotary dial instead of 10 individual buttons?
That point has also been made in a variety of answers and comments.
comment Why did early telephones use a rotary dial instead of 10 individual buttons?
This isn't really any different an answer to the top-voted answer.
comment Is there any good reasons to stick with full page refreshes any more
One reason - until WAI-ARIA regions start getting used far more, is accessibility. If only a section of the page is updating and not the full page then screenreader users won't be alerted to any changes that have happened on screen.
comment Should I unsubscribe uninterested mailing-list members?
I probably shouldn't ask this, but what do your marketing people think of the idea of unsubscribing people? Sounds like something that'll not go down too well with them. (They are stakeholders after all, so I'm sure they'll have an opinion / requirement).
comment Sign up with Google/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
What sort of site is it? Who are the users? What are the business requirements? What user data do you need, and why?
revised Should forms always appears within a box?
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comment Windows phone background set
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about how to use a phone, it isn't a user experience question.