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comment Designing of a website which has 19 links and almost same number of sublinks
What is your site about? Why do you need it? Who are your users? Design isn't only about links layout. A good design is a good solution of a business problem. What's your problem?
comment Wizard interaction - which of the following methods serves the user better?
The Back button is a MUST (at all steps except the first one)!
comment Smallest button size and spacing for a touchscreen
Do you really need to put all 50 buttons on one screen?
comment OK/Cancel on left/right?
I think for web apps you may either try to detect user's OS (and reposition buttons if needed) or use Windows order since this order is more popular (it is used also in many Linux systems as far as I know).
comment How to optimise the space used by tags in the right column of StackExchange sites?
@ Patrick McElhaney: You are right, the order may be different. I used the same as Rahul's example (the most recent tag is the first) - this looks appropriate for the main page.
comment How to optimise the space used by tags in the right column of StackExchange sites?
@ Dan Barak: I don't think that exact numbers are important for the majority of users. If they are, we may add numbers. But is there really a big difference if the tag was used two or three times? Color blindness is an issue. But hopefully, as far as I know, difference in color brightness is visible for everyone. I mean if we use red color for one tag and blue for another, than there would be people who aren't able to see the difference. But if we have a color with fixed hue and vary only brightness, than everyone would be able to see this. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
comment Does style matter in a good UI?
Patrick, thanks a lot!
comment Interaction with a grid with complex cells
That's a great idea! But absolutely useless if you use a table like a dashboard, scan it quickly. Graphical representation is important in some cases.