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I'm a cool dude who also happens to be pretty bright! I take a light-hearted approach to life and believe that knowledge is important. I also believe, very strongly, that knowledge is very little without wisdom - a.k.a. street smarts.

I love the StackExchange network and constantly ask, answer, and lurk on 9 of the sites.

WordPress Answers | Webmasters | Web Applications | User Experience

Here for the Q just as much to provide A's. My team and I create sites, apps, and are always trying to learn more and spread our know-how.

Graphic Design | Freelancing

I've been a designer and freelancer for around 7 years. I hope to provide as much insight as I can and learn even more!

Home Improvement | Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

I'm an avid DIYer, as I believe every father/husband should be. I'll ask questions and provide the best answers I can, if I know the answer!


I'm a father to two young boys - 6 and 1. I'll share my quirky and (so far) effective practices and seek out more ideas to help make me the best daddy ever!