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UX newbie just getting started - advice, corrections and instruction are much appreciated. (Sinophones: 请多多指教!)


I'm an undergraduate studying in the US, majoring in computer science and cognitive science. I am currently searching for a summer internship in UX design, visual design, and UX research, or related roles (basically anything where I get to draw pictures or study people). I also know how to code in C and stuff, and wouldn't mind software engineering!

Academic interests

  • the effect of computing/robotic contexts on social behavior, social cognition and mental health
  • isolating the low-level cues that lead to these effects
  • investigating therapeutic uses of HCI/HRI in enhancing well-being and the treatment of disorders; also its uses in motivation and education and that sort of thing
  • raising awareness of the impact of culture and context in behavior and cognition.
  • basically, add 'and computers' to any item from the list below

Interests, more broadly

  • art (drawing, painting, illustration)
  • calligraphy and classical chinese culture
  • design (all kinds)
  • singing
  • music, including classical
  • writing
  • 'science' (ha)
  • languages
  • video games: I play LOTR Online the most regularly
  • fantasy and a small amount of scifi
  • gender and sexuality
  • egalitarianism (a superset of feminism)
  • wellbeing/health
  • martial arts
  • the webcomic 'The Order of the Stick'

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