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Keith John Hutchison

I like working with great people in great teams making great products.

The teams I work with include moksie. http://moksie.com.au We're creating a great framework called DashedUp™ which is used to power dashboards for Market Research companies. DashedUp™ is in private beta but it's already being used and creating value in the market place.

Another great team and product I work with is Referron. http://referron.com Referron helps you keep track of how you've helped others by way of referral. Referron v3 is stable and we're working on making the interfaces cleaner and the back end faster for v4. Referron works on Android, iOS and has a Web portal.

A product we are excited about and still in alpha is Keynected. http://keynected.com Keynected is a way to filter your social media news feeds. Keynected works on Android and iOS. We're looking for beta testers for the android version. If you interested please fill out the form at https://odoo.moksie.com.au/page/website.contactus and say g'day.

Evolution is in private alpha. It's used in the market place to run a graphic arts studio. Currently being reengineered with #odoo, #angular and #sails-js. The production beta version is using #filemaker-pro.

Analyser Plus is software used to create media buying schedules. Version 6 is in the market place but it's old. Version 8 (version 7 lost it's way) is being reengineered with #odoo, #angular and #sails-js.

Here is my KOLBE profile if you want to have some insight into how I work. https://e.kolbe.com/rv/?rt=spk&st=KC-E4C3C1A9-E738-4DD1-BF659C3FF2A4A854